Thursday, May 19, 2022

Spring Wildflower Walks: Out-and-Backs Under Three

Since my last long hike at Hickory Run State Park, I've only had time for a few out-and-back hikes, mostly with Amos. Too many jobs, not enough time. I look forward to having one job after June 30 as well as two remaining hiking  vacations before the transition from one employer to another. For now, these are the spring wildflowers I've discovered while doing mostly under 3 mile walks near home. Enjoy!


Promethea Silk Moth cocoon on Sassafras -

Columbine - early May

Susquehanna Trillium 


Wild Ginger

Wild Geranium 


Wild Phlox 

Showy Orchid

Paw Paw


Pinxterflower (Wild Azalea) 


Whorled Pagonia

Pink Ladyslipper

Fragrant Sumac

Yellow Star Grass

Hairy Solomon's Seal

Golden Ragwort

Yellow Corydalis

Cutleaf Toothwort

Small-flowered Buttercup

Dwarf Ginseng

Smooth Rockcress

Dutchman's Breeches with Wood Ear fungus

Most of these blossoms were discovered less than ten miles from my home near the Susquehanna River. All of then were in state parks, conserved lands, and nature preserves.  Relaxing fun while hiking with friends, family, and Amos when and where we could during this busy season. Gosh, I long for a full day on the trail! 

Amos at Welsh Mountain

Dave and Meg and Girls at Welsh Mountain

George and Amy after a wildflower ramble

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