Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Them's the Breaks

Well, here it is. Look away if you must - the result of a trail failure/cliff dive. I walked two miles out and it never hurt. I didn't even think it was broken until the x-ray came back. Surprise! What hurt (and keeps hurting) is the injury to my shoulder when I fell on my crutches and jacked my shoulder up  to my ear. My cast is blue. My mood is blue. This sucks.

So now as I wait on the bones to mend I am looking at the variety of flat-track trails I can walk on until I am able to get back to hiking these Pennsylvania hills. I haven't really given the rail trail network much consideration before but am finding lots of possibilities for winter walking within a hour or two drive of home. Also there are some tempting tow-path trails along old canals that look good, too. I don't know who is more anxious to get back to the trail, me or the two dogs! It's been hard on all of us!