Thursday, September 4, 2014

Summer Blues

With school back in session a lot of folks are blue that the lazy, carefree days of summer are over. So with blue as my theme this week, here is a photo essay on summer blues taken from this summer's explorations and travels.

Immature Little Blue Heron

Immature Great Blue Heron

Green Heron (yellow and blue make green)

Blue sky reflected in Horseshoe Pond.

Blue twinkle in a Common Buckeye's eyespots.

Blue-rimmed raindrop in Milkweed Spider's web.

Iridescent blue hindwings of a Red-Spotted Purple Butterfly

New York Ironweed

Scotch Thistle (red and blue make purple)
Blue sky over Peach Bottom, PA

Blue mountains in the distance from the cab of Bear Hill Firetower, VT

Blue blazes of the Mason Dixon Trail

Virginia Bluebells (not exactly summer, but blue!)

Blue-shirted hikers

Blue Damselfly

And our summer moon dream movie to revisit some of the cool places and things we did as a family and group of friends exploring the beautiful places found in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast! What a wonderfully cool summer it has been! Thanks for coming along!

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