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Forest History Society -

"The Forest History Society (FHS) promotes the study of the history of human interaction with the environment. Our Library and Archives contain an extensive collection of published works, photographs, and numerous primary sources that provide a comprehensive look at forest, conservation, and environmental history."  Excellent resource! 

Environmental History Resources -

I go here to find inspiration and new perspectives on the intersection of human history and environment. This resource contains a wide variety of resources that include pod casts, a blog, video, essays, and much more. It's a general treatment of EH with a global approach, so may not be specific enough in field or period to zero down on exactly what I'm looking for, but I never know what I'll find. I do like the Resources section, divided into Professional Societies, Networks/Portals/ and Centres, and Personal Websites and Blogs. 

Public Media Environmental History

Montana Public Radio's Threshold podcast series provides a great platform for digging into the nuances and history of rewilding bison.

North Dakota's Prairie Public Broadcasting (to include Wyoming and Colorado) offers Inside Energy, an in-depth issues-based investigation on energy industry and the protests over the DAPL with specific educator IE resources.  See the library of digital resources including audio, video, and text for IE at  In addition, they maintain an online store that offers resources for German-Russian immigrant cultures of the High Plains.  

UK Environmental History  

Our hike in 2017 on the 90 mile-long Hadrian's Wall Path sparked an interest in UK Environmental History. Here's a good bibliography that offers a breadth of EH topics:


Environment, Law, and History

Dr. David Schoor maintains this excellent  blog that explores the interwoven fabric of environmental policy and history.



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