Saturday, December 28, 2013

Forest Communities

Forests are much more than a collection of trees. Forests are landscapes of interdependency where roots interweave below the woodland floor and branches mesh overhead. The trees are the most obvious members of the community but look closer to see a complex and complete cycle of life and death and rebirth hiding in plain sight. I'll add to this page as I collect more forest-scapes.
Check back now and then!

Loblolly forest on the Delmarva.
Blackbird State Forest, DE

Sweet gum stand in a forest wetlands.
Cecil County, MD
Rich oak woodlands full of turkey and squirrel!
York County, PA
1940s soil conservation hedge, overgrown osage orange, now a linear woodland.
York County, PA

Fire-dependent pinelands.
Pine Barrens, NJ
Ravine forests of the Susquehanna River valleys.
Windfall of larger trees on steep slopes opens holes in the canopy for riotous growth.
York County, PA


Snow-covered old fields and succession woodland.
Adams County, PA

A vernal pool in a majestic beech and sweet gum stand.
Cecil County, MD

A dark hemlock stand.
The Hemlocks Natural Area, Cumberland County, PA

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